Broken Archer LLC is a company dedicated to making fun adventures via games and books!

Broken Archer aims at making life a little more fun.



“You can’t lose hope. Without hope, then you have nothing.”

After the world takes away everything, the only thing anyone can do is try to get it back and survive.

A novel written in diary entries during a zombie apocalypse through the eyes of Chris Wake.

Follow as a group of family and friends defend their way through what the end of the world.


The ultimate guide on how to be a Bro.

There are many different types of 'Bros' and this book will give you the tools you need to become the best Bro you can be!

From wingman tips to the Bro Laws, The Bro Book goes over everything an aspiring Bro needs to become all he can Bro.

With pictures (because we know Bros can't read) in full color or black and white!


In a world filled with people who have super human abilities, three people find themselves wrapped up in a war between good and evil.

Written in the view point of three different individuals.

See the book through each one of their eyes.

Watch beings with super human powers battle each other and good VS evil fight it out in this thriller.



Use teamwork to help everyone stay alive or lookout for yourself and forget your family and friends.

Make friends as you work to survive, then stab them in the back to ensure you live.

The game is simple, Just Survive The Game.


Based on the hit novel, After Everyone’s Dead, this game pits a team of heroes against a hoard of zombies.

Choose your side in the fight, a hero trying to get to the safe house or a zombie trying to turn all humans into flesh eating zombies like themselves!

So do you have what it takes to survive a zombie outbreak?

Or do you have what it takes to devour your friends?


Pitch your ideas to tycoons and sabotage the competition!

Pitch your best idea with the most outstanding innovation to a wealthy investor, but watch out as others are looking to sabotage your idea in favor of their own.

Become the top dog as you craft together winning combinations!


Use swords, lasers, rockets, and countless other weapons to destroy your opponents.

This turn based strategy card game will put your wit, luck, and tactical skills to the test.

Ever wish you had your own robot to fight in combat against other robots?

Well not any more with Circuit Destroyer.


Battle for the glory of being the greatest Stick Figure Fighter! Equip your Stick Figure Fighter with weapons, armor, and power cards.

Fight other stick figures to prove that you are the most powerful Stick Figure Fighter.

Show no mercy, using swords, shields, super armor, or your stick arms to vanquish your opponents.


Fight to rule the kingdom!

Be a fearless King, a courageous Princess, a valiant Knight, a powerful Wizard, or a cunning Archer and rule over the land.

True King is a strategy game designed to either work as a team with other players or lead the kingdom all on your own.


Play as 4 Guardians and battle Monsters! Level up, learn skills, and roll dice in this card Turn Based Strategy game!

Every battle is a new adventure!

Work together using the Guardians' Magic abilities and slay all the Monsters!



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