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Just Survive The Game


Use teamwork to help everyone stay alive or lookout for yourself and forget your family and friends.

You've just been locked in a bunker holding out to survive a disaster outside. You and the people you're with must do whatever it takes to survive, but only one of you will be able to live.

If everyone dies before the Survive card is drawn, you all lose, but once the survive card is drawn, the last player alive wins!

Use abilities like healing others as the doctor or stealing things as the thief.


Keep secrets to yourself, or be a team player and let everyone know what you can do.

Once the survive card is drawn.. then it’s every man for himself. The last player standing wins the game.

Players take turns drawing event cards and play out that event.

Play events like deciding which team member should be killed, or if the engineer should fix the pipes today.

Make friends as you work to survive, then stab them in the back to ensure you live.

The game is simple, Just Survive The Game.

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Artwork on the game has been updated any may not be exactly as shown in the images.